Why Artificial Intelligence Won’t Be Too Much Useful

Analysts, researchers, innovators and other professionals like Oded Kariti, have been debating extensively in almost all types of media, about why we shouldn’t expect too much of artificial intelligence. The media is filled with headlines that suggest and make us believe that we have given artificial intelligence too much space and power.

artificial-intelligence-risk-reward-oded-karitiOded Kariti has been involved in this matter for a longer period of time, and as he explains, in 2015, about $ 680 million dollars were invested in start-ups dealing with artificial intelligence, and in 2011 this figure amounted to only $ 145 million. For 2016, Oded Kariti and other experts expect those investments to reach an astonishing $ 1.2 billion, which is a 76 percent increase compared to 2015. People and business owners in particular, have such great expectations from artificial intelligence, even though many don’t know that there are certain limitations to artificial intelligence.

Machines simply can’t operate without the support of people, and for Oded Kariti that day will most probably never come. Because human touch is still required, almost every company’s customer service still relies on people, or at least has a mix of artificial intelligence and human communication. Also, human intuition is something that is irreplaceable. Artificial machines such as Siri can perform repetitive tasks for a long time, but human’s experience is irreplaceable. Basically, intuition is something that can’t be expected from artificial intelligence. Machines are not able to act differently from what they are programmed to do, and they are definitely not effective in adapting to new, changing situations.

Companies that combine human knowledge and artificial intelligence can achieve certain success in the market, while those who believe that artificial intelligence can, or will replace humans in their workplace, are truly wrong. Ideas, creative solutions, directions, these are all things given by man. The ability to create high tech gadgets that will emulate human behavior and thinking will be a great scientific achievement, but even those experts who deal with artificial intelligence, such as Oded Kariti, doubtedly suspect that this will ever happen.

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