Intelligent Machines and People

Oded Kariti is an electrical engineer and an IT expert that has been interested in the matter of artificial intelligence as well as intelligent machines, for quite some time. Over the years he has accumulated valuable knowledge on this topic, and in this occasion he will share some of his insights.  According to Oded Kariti one of the most obvious indicators of artificial intelligence is the extremely thrived audio-visual expression. The more we communicate with computers, they become better in speech recognition, photos, videos and their meaning. Is that artificial intelligence? If a person from 1915 looks at it than for his it most certainly is, but our generations have grown with it, and because we know the principles on which it works, there is no way that we can say that is so.

Oded Kariti New Industrial RevolutionTechnology and what we do with it is just a reflection of humanity. Our civilization is in a stage of fast progress, and that progress is closely related to the technology. To say that everything is black or white, good or bad, is by no means true. And because AI is something that we people created it, Oded Kariti sees it as an expression of who we are. We might even say that it is a mirror of humanity. Technology is just a tool like any other, you can misuse or you can use it for noble causes. Oded Kariti knows that it’s more interesting to look at new things like various projects at CCS Portfolios and say: horrible, how will this affect people, because as we all know fear sells!

The reality is that we have created more good things in our relationship with technology, and relationships that occur within the technology reach than we’ve ever been able to create. For example, medicine is a field where artificial intelligence has brought significant progress, and for some time now medical researchers have been testing deep learning algorithms to detect early stages of cancer. Namely after importing millions and millions of photos with various malignancies, computers today can identify cancerous growth months before any doctor would at all suspect, let alone confirm.

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