Oded Special – Mobile Internet Usage Beats Desktop PC’s for the First Time

We are all aware that in recent time, the dominance of smartphones in the technology sector has been ever-increasing, and October 2016 was a historic month as for the first time ever it became official that mobile internet usage exceeded desktop trafficking, and not just in developed countries, but worldwide. World-renowned science engineer, Oded Kariti was among the first to comment on these findings regarding internet usage worldwide. The release of these findings proved that we now use the Internet more on our mobiles and tablets than on our desktop. Namely, in October 2016, web analytics companies showed that tablet and mobile devices accounted for 51.3 percent of Internet usage worldwide, compared to 48.7 percent usage on a desktop, which trails behind.

Oded Kariti: Mobile Internet Usage

For the first time in history, mobile usage exceeds PC’s, causing the biggest shift since the internet began. In 2014 there was a major milestone in the way we use the internet, and by that time the majority of Americans owned a Smartphone of some kind. Oded Kariti shares that since 2009, there has been a continuous increase in the use of mobiles phones, tablets and other devices, which means there has been a continuous decline in Internet usage on desktops. For Kariti this was a long time coming transition, seeing sales of PC’s notably drop in recent years, while intelligent mobile devices with Wi-Fi and 4G are continuously rising, although in the past few quarters, they have also been progressing at a slower pace.

There is no denial that mobile apps usage on the internet has been constantly raising, or that the general global trend shows that more people are accessing the internet via portable smart devices. However, Kariti reveals that in developed countries with mature markets such as US, UK or Europe in general, desktops still rules and accounts for 58 percent of internet usage compared to 42 percent for mobile and tablet usage. On the other hand, as more and more users are choosing to use the Web through a hand-held device, internet business are now becoming mobile-exclusive, which should be a wakeup call especially for small businesses.

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