A Smart Bathtub That is Activated With Voice Commands

This is the new model from Kohler. It emits different lights, can generate a fog effect and fills with water automatically on request.

Technology enthusiast, researcher, and innovator, Oded Kariti, indicates that at the CES technology fair, there were many proposals for a smart home. This year, as in previous editions, novelties designed to decorate different spaces in the house, such as the bathroom, will be released. Kohler has unveiled a new smart tub that is activated with voice commands. Simply ask it to fill with water and it will do so automatically.

Kariti shares the amazing fact that this product comes in three versions. One of them integrates a set of colored lights around it and even a fog effect that can also be changed according to the user’s wishes. Everything can be managed from the voice assistants Alexa, Amazon or the Google Assistant.

“It is possible to establish routines so that the bathroom adjusts to a series of pre-configured orders according to the occasion,” says Oded Kariti, who has helped with the development of this bathtub. “Thus, for example, a configuration can be established so that the water is at a certain temperature, and this is accompanied by a certain amount of water, and a combination of aromatherapy fragrances suitable for the occasion”.

The bathtub comes in different models and prices. The most economical model allows you to simply control the temperature and depth level of the water. The researcher Kariti shares that the value of that product is USD 8,698. The version that also allows combining aromatherapy fragrances and activating the mist costs USD 10,998, while the edition that includes lights will have a value of USD 15,998. The first two models will go on sale in the United States in July, while the last one will be available in October.

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