Smart Fitness Devices Take Over the Role of Personal Trainers

Oded Kariti: Smart Fitness Devices Take Over the Role of Personal Trainers

Oded Kariti is a recognized scientist and technology enthusiast who decided to take on a personal fitness challenge and see what provides a better workout: whether it is a real personal trainer or a smart fitness device or app.

You have probably noticed that the fitness industry is on the rise, as new workout studios and wellness centers expand just about everywhere in order to keep up with demand. And although there is no doubt that this industry is here to stay, still we can’t deny that fitness has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years. A few decades ago vibrating belts and sweaty sauna suits were touted as high-tech, and in the 80’s VHS tapes with home exercise workouts were the most popular product on the market. During his project, Oded Kariti found out that currently there are over 5 million Americans that either uses the services of a trainer in their club or hire a personal trainer. So the next logical question is: how many Americans use smart apps to stay in shape?

Clearly, tech companies are focused on fitness and health, and as technology push us to be healthier and fitter, there are apps trying to replace personal trainers entirely. Personal trainers may offer you safe and effective workout, but they can also be quite pricey compared to the relatively inexpensive fitness apps, which sometimes are even free. The new technology, according to Kariti,  has gone a long way, and every week there is a new fitness gadget introduced to the market. He explains that some of these smart gadgets are so advanced that they measure every aspect of your body’s performance. But can they provide instruction and inspiration like you would get from a professional trainer?

The truth is that there is no technological substitute for human willpower, nor will there ever be. People worldwide, especially Americans, have a long history of leaning on gadgets to get up and be active. That’s why today we have a sea of games equipped with motion-capture avatars that track your movements and encourage you in real time. Oded Kariti reveals that those games are just the tip of the iceberg, as engineers are working on even better high-tech fitness gadgets that are supposed to inspire you to become a leaner and healthier.

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